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Criminal defense Attorney Joe Serpa fights for outcomes that result in no criminal record for our clients. READ what recent clients are saying about Attorney Serpa's Boston criminal defense case results HERE.

Contacted Joe to inquire on a pending case and second opinion. He called back promptly, took time to listen, read through items I sent and I feel gave great advice. I hope to not need a lawyer in the future but if I did I’d be contacting him.
Thanks for your time Joe,

- T.L.

I had an excellent experience working with Mr. Serpa. He was pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and clearly cared about helping me. I can't recommend him or his services enough. When you need an attorney you want the best and this man is the best.

- M.R.

Very quick response with each email and phone call. Walks you through all your inquiries from start to finish.

- O.M.

I would absolutely recommend Joe's services. His knowledge of the law; the ins and outs of the court system turned our upsetting situation calm. Joe's a straight forward guy whose approach is to cut to the quick (get to the heart of the manner). He doesn't sugar -coat outcomes, he's honest. That being said, Joe has the gift of empathy which allows trust to be built easily between lawyer and client. Because of this trust, the comfort of putting our case in Joe's hands was genuinely a sigh of got dismissed.

- R.S.

Best attorney in the area. Highly Recommended!

- T.T.

Joe is incredibly professional, trustworthy and patient. He gives expert advice without pressuring you into doing anything you don’t want. I‘m very thankful that I found him. If you’re looking for a qualified, expert and professional representation Joe is all you need. He’s with you every step. Thank you Joe!!

- I.A.

Attorney Serpa was always available for me to communicate with throughout the process. Attorney Serpa worked diligently for me to achieve the proper, and rightful, end result of , “ not guilty”. You can be assured Attorney Serpa will guide you properly (even if it’s not what you want to hear ) and will always be , “in your corner“.

- C.P.T.

My experience with Joe has been excellent. With a rather straight forward case Joe went out of his way to make himself available any time I needed him even though I probably wasn’t his toughest assignment. He made a rather difficult process very easy during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Would recommend to anyone.

- A.C.

Joe was extremely helpful in helping resolve my case. He is knowledgeable about the law, disciplined, responsive, and generally empathetic. Highly recommended. 6/5 stars!

- A.D.

Mr. Serpa was very helpful with my family member ‘s case. He was able to get it dismissed quickly and easily. He is very professional and very good at what he does. I’m so glad he hired him. You will be glad too if you hire him.

- Z.M.

He's one of the best people I've met. I'm really appreciative of all the help I received. If you have a serious case, he'll work hard to make sure you have the best outcome. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

- A.J.

Serpa law office was my attorney of choice for 2 seperate cases I had last year. With both situations, Joseph not only treated me great, delivered the results I was hoping for, and was extremely professional and genuine. I would definitely reccomend this law office to anyone in need of legal help

- P.C.

I contacted Joe outside his normal working hours a bit panicked after being at the police station for a firearms related charge. He returned my call within 5 minutes and setup a plan to deal with the charges against me. He was able to work with the prosecutor/DA to dismiss two of the charges I was facing. For the final charge, he was able to work it down to a highly favorable outcome that I am more than happy with.

Throughout the entire process, he kept me informed and let me know my various options/avenues I could take. Scheduling with him was easy, and he was able to get it all done very quickly. I would recommend that anyone facing legal charges or with legal questions contact Joe. Throughout the entirety of my legal proceedings, he seemed very knowledgeable on how the system worked, and the strategies that we could take.

- B.H.

Joe prepared my case for trial and he managed my case to be dismissed before trial. He is a professional lawyer who knows the justice system very well. I am very happy that I hired him.

- H.B.

Incredibly helpful. Joe got me the best possible outcome.

- A.D.

Very professional.will do what ever it takes to help you. I recommend there services. I wish I could give 6 stars.

- R.P.

I would highly recommend attorney Serpa. He's very honest and straightforward. Thank you sir no regrets I will recommend you always.

- A.B.

My experience with mr serpa was great. He knows what he's talking about very knowledgeable about law I highly recommend his services!!

- H.A.

I reached out to several lawyers for my father who was being charged for domestic A&B and was already held in custody. I had many concerns for him given his not so clean history and was worried he might be incarcerated and/or deported. I was able to meet with Joe in person and talk in depth about what happened and what to expect later on. He was extremely thorough, patient, and compassionate about this whole situation. I appreciated that he didn't give me any false hopes because other lawyers I spoke to sugarcoated the situation making me wary. Joe never made it seem like a problem to call him. He'd always return my calls within the next 10 minutes. My primary concern was that the old lawyer didn't have time to coordinate her schedule with the interpreter to visit my dad. This is why I had to switch counsels. I do understand getting a court certified interpreter is very difficult and having to coordinate a time with a lawyer is even tougher on short notice but Joe handled this process effortlessly and never made it sound like a hassle. He was persistent in court and scheduled a trial date a week after my dad's hearing which was incredibly fast. I heard usually trial dates can take a long time maybe from half a year to a year but obviously it depends on the situation. In the end, Joe got my dad's case dismissed and he has been a tremendous help in rebuilding my family. I genuinely recommend Joe to anyone who is seeking help and I'd hire him again in a heartbeat if need be.

- D.L.

Attorney Serpa is the best in the business, hands down. I reached out to several different law offices before Joe, following a reckless driving charge, and they all either wanted exorbitant fees, had no idea what they were talking about, or felt the need to consult with several different lawyers for one case.

When I called Joe, he had advice for me right away on what to do in my instance, offered a fair price for his service, and was prompt and clear in answering all of my questions. He helped me get back to driving (which is important as a car salesman!) and all of the charges against me dismissed. I have already recommended him to a friend and will save his number in case I ever have any issues again!

- J.C.

I reached out to Mr. Serpa in a panic because my son was involved in an altercation and faced 5 felony counts and 2 misdemeanours. When I read the police report, I felt certain he was going to do time behind bars as the charges seemed so serious.

Mr. Serpa gave good and sound recommendations on how to handle the matter. He was polite, reassuring, calm (which helped me sleep at nights) and also very realistic - no false hopes but solid information and preparation.

We felt we were in the best hands and we could not have been any more accurate with that presumption. My son's case was dismissed and he is getting some needed professional help for anger management.

Words are inadequate to express the level of trust as well as our heartfelt gratitude for his management of this case. If you have a case that requires an excellent criminal defense attorney, then this is a no brainer - it's Serpa Law all the way!

Rest at nights and leave it in his hands. He will work on your behalf for the best possible outcome!!!!!!!

5 S.T.A.R.S *****

- J.A.W.

Attorney Sepra is an excellent lawyer and more than his outstanding work, he is a great human being as well. I called his law firm when he is on vacation. He immediately called me back and gave me some very valuable suggestions. I will certainly recommend Attorney Sepra to my friends.

- N.R.

Impeccable with his service. I would recommend him to anyone friends and family.

- P.L.

Joe is the best criminal defense lawyer you could find in Boston. Please read through my experience if you think otherwise. Hope this review can help get you on track to getting your life back.

Six weeks ago I was arrested for and charged with a serious crime I did not commit. The case was dismissed two hours ago and writing Attorney Serpa a review is the first thing that came to mind. Not only the quick dismissal (anyone familiar with this type of situations can tell you that normally cases like this would take up to at least 3-6 months) happened due to his sharp mind, great knowledge and tremeoundous experience, he made the waiting period much less painful by being unbelievably responsive and patient.

I am sure some of you reading this review would find yourself in a similar situation: having to deal with this country’s legal system for the first time and realizing your world is about to be turned upside down. Your only hope is to make the situation go away but have no idea how. If this is the case, you really need an attorney that can tell you everything will be okay.

After bail I had very little time to find myself legal representation, so I googled a few names and went with the first lawyer that returned my call. The initial attorney who took my case was rude and impatient. He never replied my calls / texts on time and was consistently cutting me off when I was making a point. He showed up late to court every time and was never prepared to present to the judge. As a result the case didn’t go anywhere and having to deal with him made me more stressful than I already was. Finally I decided to cut the cord and start to look for another lawyer.

I then did extensive research on criminal defense lawyers by reading all the reviews I could find. I asked around for referrals and spoke to 10-15 lawyers about my situation. During this process, Joe really stood out - he returned my call immediately and listened to what I had to say carefully. He never interrupted me once even though I was repeating a lot of the points due to high stress. He gave his professional opinion and never pressured me to hire him. After the initial call, Joe even met with me for another 30-40 minutes in person before I formally engaged with him. No one else out of the people I spoke with had this level of care and professionalism.

After the engagement, Joe made me feel like he was in this with me. Every time I had questions or doubts, he would respond to my calls or texts within an hour or two. He consistently told me things would be okay and also backed the conclusion up by explaining his strategy and plan every step of the way. He even proactively checked in on me when he sensed high level of stress. Joe also took a huge burden off my shoulders by handling the communication with my employer - he was able to calm them down successfully and provided timely updates so there’s a better chance I could get my job back (I was put on administrative leave after what happened).

In court, Joe was always able to make his points to the judge and the DA without offending anyone. Both times we were in court (hearing and trial day), we were able to get what we wanted - a quick trial and the final dismissal. After sitting in court for 3-4 long sessions and hearing all the cases being presented, I can confidently make the statement that sharp minds like Joe’s don’t come by that often. A lot of the attorneys (including the first one I had) would just cave in to the judge when DAs make a strong point. But Joe always stood firm and presented our case using his confident and convincing tone.

Overall, I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with Joe. He genuinely cared about my feelings and wanted the problem to go away for me. He gained my trust and I cannot thank him enough for what he did.

- C.W.

Very well prepared and honestly just a very nice person in general

- C.M.

Joe was a tremendous asset during our process - Very helpful, highly networked, and vastly knowledgeable. He was fair and honest during the entire process and worked tirelessly to get us the outcome we desired.

Highly recommend his services. 5 stars all the way.

- M.A.

World class attorney, always there when you need him. He worked nonstop on my case and got it dismissed

- D.D.

Joe was very diligent. I would definitely recommend him to anybody. He’s very well suited for what he does and is very knowledgeable as well. His demeanor is impeccable. He listens attentively and works through everything. I’m entirely grateful for his work.

- G.I.R.

I reached out to these guys recently for help with a friends issue. The response we received was overwhelming. The expertise and knowledge of the law and processes surrounding the accused was simply unbelievable. Mr. Serpa’s commitment to his clients and justice is unparalleled. If you want a lawyer who is on your side and dedicated to your case and making you feel valued human citizen then give Joe a call, please, for your own sake.

- T.O.

Joe Sherpa is an amazing law office. They were helpful, kind and amazingly patient with us. The kind of work they do is next level. You really know you are taken care of by these trusted lawyers. Thank you for your help.

- S.P.

Mr. Serpa sees cases with a sharp eye; he's insightful in his analysis, firm, and fair. I highly recommend him--especially if your life depends on your case.

- B.L.

Joe was the sole reason for me to allow my career without hesitation. He is passionate and so kind in the court as well. He helped me seal a case that was initially a felony (which he reduced to a misdemeanor with pre-trial probation) AND it was dimissed after a year. We called a few lawyers and he was the only one who met us right away and one we could trust with something that could impact my career. It was dismissed recently but because I needed to have a background check soon; it needed to be sealed. The court was hesitant on sealing the case; but he was able to convince the judge otherwise. He has an amazing understanding of what to expect from the judge, DA, prosecuters, and knows what to do. If you feel like you were put in a situation that was not under your control or your "fault"; he can truly represent you and save your career. We know he has represented a lot of educationally-driven people who require these sort of cases to be sealed or dismissed in order to work. There is zero hesitation for us to refer him to any collegues who may need him and he is a great lawyer for criminal cases. I hope this review helps others as we know it's hard to find someone online when something so stressful is going on. Had we hired anyone else, I HIGHLY doubt I would still be able to continue my career. All the best for anyone reading this.

- A.S.

Words alone will not suffice to express all the gratitude we have for Attorney Serpa. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he is passionate about what he does and sincerely cares about his clients well being. When you first call him, he does not jump into talking about his fee structure, which many others do, but Attorney Serpa prioritizes to understand, help and protect his client. He does not waste time nor wait until the situation gets far complicated but gets into action immediately. He goes above and beyond to ensure the client is protected, taking all the pressure onto himself and comes up with a strategy to get the best possible outcome. Having Attorney Serpa represent you means that you are in good, honest, and reliable hands. Not to mention that he is very kind, sympathetic, and a wonderful person. We highly recommend Attorney Serpa- he is like an iron curtain protecting his client.

- L.Z.

Attorney Serpa had unbelievable experience and the calmness to handle my case. His calmness was the best thing in my case and especially when I was worried about what would happen. I would recommend 10/10 times. Keeping him on your side will keep your mind at ease.

- V.A.Y.

If you have been falsely accused of something, Joe is the best person to go too. He is smart, honest, and hardworking. He spent his weekend to prepare for my court on a short notice case of false accusations against me. At the court he was well prepared and managed the entire hearing with respect and wisdom. I won the case. He saved my job, and my future.

- A.K.

Great and professional attorney who gets the job done!

- A.

Serpa Was a attorney for a friend of mine and he did a great job for her. I highly recommend him and his law office

- D.P.

Attorney Serpa was professional and personable. He makes you feel like you're his only client with his focus and dedication.

- T.

Joe Serpa is simply a honest, compassionate and understanding attorney. He listens well, very prepared and very, very knowledgeable as it regards to his field, criminal law. I currently has a probate litigation ongoing and would often joke with my girlfriend that I wish I could have Joe as my attorney there as well. BTW, I meant it! I would certainly recommend Joe to anyone, you will not be disappointed! Not once was I in doubt about my case because of my confidence in Joe, and yes, he got the job done: Not guilty! I'm impressed!

- D.R.

Joe is an absolutely kind, genuine, smart, caring, organized planner and aggressive in your defense attorney ever! It is impossible to match and compete Joe Serpa's high degree of professionalism and relationship he maintains with his clients. He is always readily available for your life's down and most pathetic time. He is calm, understanding, positive and you can feel personal connection with him for his consulting services. In today's competitive world, he keeps his goals and services simple still best in class!! He is unbeatable and superior in his practice!!! Highly Recommended for excellent service!!!!! Swift and rapid results guaranteed..

- P.G.

I had never been arrested. I was facing serious charges, Assault with intent to murder. My daughter found Attorney Joe Serpa's website and reached out to him. She knew I needed an attorney that had the skills and experience with the criminal courts.

I've thanked her numerous times for finding him.

I was beyond overwhelmed. I was frantic.

His calming pressence, knowledge, confidence and sense of humor (thank God), let me know I had someone fighting for me.

He explained everything to me, more than once cause that's what I needed. One of the Court offices told my family, "your mother has a good lawyer there," knowing the Court spoke highly of Attorney Serpa eased their fears.

I thougt my life was over but thanks to Attorney Serpa I never went back into Framingham State prison again.

Thank you, Joe!

- J.M.

Joe Serpa’s comprehensive knowledge concerning the recent changes in the 2018 Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Laws was instrumental in helping me navigate the new procedures for successfully sealing a criminal record in the CORI system. His legal expertise and guidance was invaluable. I would highly recommend his services.

- M.S.

Joe assessed situation accurately and carried and delivered on his assessment. What’s more, in handling a delicate matter for my daughter, he gave her the confidence to go forward and resolve her legal problem. He responded quickly and thoughtfully to any concern we had. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

- C.K.

Lucky to find such a competent attorney for a family member. His credentials speak for themselves; a graduate of the best law school in the country, Georgetown University. With his experience and knowledge, best possible outcomes were awarded; a true win!! As we began our work together I also realized he is a truly kind and compassionate person. Important to have an advocate like him on your side. He always demonstrated the highest of character and integrity from beginning to end

Strongly recommend Mr Serpa

- T.F.

I'm so grateful and thank you, Mr. Joe Serpa, God would continue to bless you I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. 100% I would highly recommend friends & family to Joe Serpa cause you are such a great lawyer. Thank you again.

- L.C.P.H.C.

Attorney Serpa delivered the results i was hoping to recieve. All charges dismissed and i can finally put my mind at ease and enjoy the holidays with my family. I recommend Joe to anyone who needs a good defense attorney. Happy holidays and god bless!

- J.O.

Joe is industrious and very high in orderliness.

You can count on him wherever you are at your case and have ability to empathize with humanity which makes him excellent lawyer and human being. You always want a lawyer like him in your rough patch of life.

- P.S.

I got referred to attorney Serpa through a lawyer friend. When I discussed my case with my friend, she immediately asked me to contact attorney Serpa because if one can handle this case , would be Joe. Attorney Serpa was very responsive and very much assuring. He listened to me very well and understood my position and nature of the problem. Without waisting any time, he handled my case in my favor and didn’t allow it to even go to the court. The legal fee was also very much reasonably fair. Joe, thank you very much for your help.

- F.G.

Attorney Serpa was impeccable with his work and ethics. He had my case dismissed on the trial date, I would highly reccommend attorney Serpa.

- K.A.

From all the attorneys that I interviewed with, Joe Serpa was/is the best spoken, down to earth and gave me the most confidence.

As for whom you should choose to represent you, simply follow your instincts and hire who you trust and feel comfortable with. You’ll be fine either way, however you will be treated like a partner with Joe and you’ll get results that favors you and only you!

Do yourself a favor and make him your partner at the most confusing time of your life, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

- B.N.

Serpa is very understanding, quick to respond, experienced and very professional. Highly recommend him to friends and family!

- A.N.

Joe Serpa impressed me. I was a random guy in need of a legal advocate. I got a couple of referrals, and I randomly choose Joe Serpa. While waiting for my first and second choice to call me back, I called Serpa’s Law office. Mr. Serpa called back that same day, we discussed my needs that same day, and we agreed he could help. He filed the proper documents with the court, and I received the need documents soon after. Wow!

- J.

Hands down the best law firm... I’ve ever worked with....thanks

- S.W.

Joe was fantastic to work with. Would absolutely recommend, very good communication and got the job done!

- N.G.

Joe Serpa represented me for a negliegent operation driving offense and got it dismissed in no time. From the time I hired him I felt so relieved because I know he would deliver and he exceeded my expectations. The best part is you can reach him anytime, he will reply to your emails or texts even on his busiest schedule. I highly recommend him. Do yourself a favor and hire him.

- S.S.S.

Joe is the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boston!! I moved to Jersey my cousin put me in contact with him, he help me all the way through to seal my case. Today was the best day of my life. I want everyone to that read my post to hired joe for their case, you will not go wrong. Best choice I ever made.

- C.C.

Signed, SEALED, and he Delivered! I had two dismissed charges showing up on my CORI and it was preventing me from finding employment opportunities. The first time we went into court the judge denied our petition. Joe suggested we wait some time before filing another petition. He also suggested that I fill out some new job applications to help my petition and show that I was in fact looking for jobs. I took his advice and the dismissed charges were sealed. You get what you pay for and more. Thank you Joe Serpa, you are the best!

- M.G.

I wish I had contacted Joe at the beginning of my case. Unfortunately I was being represented by someone else who blew it at the magistrate hearing. When I was going to now be arraigned on criminal charges I reached out to Joe on a sunday. I left a voice message expecting a call back on Monday. Well Joe called me about 20min later. After speaking with him and discussing a little bit about the situation he agreed to meet with me that following week. Joe was amazing he fought hard on behalf of me and was able to get the case dismissed. Do yourself a favor. If you need help with a case dont "try" someone else just call Joe. He was always reachable even through text messages. Always told me upfront the possible outcomes even though he was able to get it dismissed. Joe is very personable. He is a caring, family orientated, professional lawyer who is amazing at what he loves to do. Thanks again Joe!

- K.W.

After finding myself in a compromising situation, I began the quest to find a defense attorney. Searching became more stressful than the situation itself, I found nothing but pushy and pessimistic lawyers, no one felt like a good connection.

But then I finally found Joe, who called me back promptly, the very same day I contacted his office. His calm and gentle demeanor drew me in. Nonjudgmental and having an open approach, he takes the time to listen to his clients, despite how ridiculous the predicaments are that we find ourselves in. In court, he maintains his cool composure but fights aggressively and successfully for his clients, without ever raising his voice the slightest octave.

It’s refreshing to see that a long career in law has not drained him of his humanity as it often does with others. His genuine concern/dedication for clients goes a long way and speaks volumes on his character. I would hire him again and recommend him to family members and friends. Even long after my court date, Joe continues to serve as a valuable resource and help me with my situation.

Thank you so much Joe!

- K.S.

After my experience I would recomen Aterny Joe Serpa he is very fateful and responsible,to his job, being represented by Joe Serpa the fearful ghost of no show up that sometime torments does not exists. He calls or leave a message or respond to my first call by answering or test , he never lefted me behind.

- A.F.

Very highly respected in the system. Would recommend to anyone for any reason .

- K.A.

Best lawyer out there!!! He will get the job done, no questions. He is honestly the best lawyer I have ever worked with!

- C.N.

I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Serpa. From his attentiveness, compassion, calming, caring demeanor, and attitude ,has goes a long way. He is very responsive and caring to clients situations. I’ve had legal troubles in the past and I wish I had found Attorney Serpa a lot sooner because I think I would be in a different situation with his representation earlier. Thank you Joe for all your help and hard work me and my family really appreciate it.

- G.P.

The toughest case I thought my son wouldnt be able to fight and boy was i wrong SERPA is the man to hire if you want to win

- L.O.