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Pleading Guilty Should be a Last Resort in Your Massachusetts Criminal Case.

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Serpa Law Office’s focus is to resolve our clients’ cases without guilty findings or convictions. A guilty plea should be a last resort. Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Joe Serpa is an expert in criminal procedure and a talented advocate who insists on exploring every possible alternative to a criminal conviction.

It is a deeply-felt objective to push your case as far as possible to preserve clients’ futures and to keep your criminal record clean.

Getting Your Massachusetts Criminal Case Dismissed.

Serpa Law Office has obtained hundreds upon hundreds of dismissals for our clients over the years. Dismissals in the district courts are sometimes routine. Other times they are hard fought and brought about by deep research and a persuasive legal argument, which is an expertise of Attorney Serpa. Other times they are negotiated with the prosecutor’s office. Massachusetts cases are also dismissed because the prosecution simply does not have the evidence to present a case at trial.

In some cases, there can be no dismissal. That is when you need a Massachusetts criminal attorney who can take your case to trial. Massachusetts juries have exonerated Attorney Joe Serpa’s clients in cases charging murder, fraud offenses, drunk driving and serious sex crimes.

Taking Your Massachusetts Criminal Case to Trial.

You need a skilled and tenacious Massachusetts criminal trial attorney to win your case at trial. Some Massachusetts criminal cases can often be complicated and difficult to resolve. Often guilty pleas are not an option and a dismissal is not available. Having a Massachusetts criminal record, and especially a felony record, is not realistic for many clients. The consequences a conviction will have at work, on your career, your driver’s license or your immigration status make it imperative to have a talented and committed Massachusetts trial lawyer in your corner.

This is why you need a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney with the skill and unique experience to take your case to trial before a jury. Joe Serpa’s clients have been found not guilty in jury trials charging first-degree murder, domestic violence offenses, firearms offenses, sex offenses such as rape, drug offenses and operating under the influence of alcohol (DWI / OUI ). He has consistently tried cases to acquittal before juries in Massachusetts and Attorney Serpa’s clients have been found not guilty in ninety percent of those trials over nearly two decades.

Attorney Serpa is a jury trial specialist. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Boston or in Eastern Massachusetts, you should be looking for a lawyer with the experience and the specialized skill to take your defense all the way to trial when all other options have been exhausted. Serpa Law Office is a proven expert with a winning track record of winning acquittals for clients in difficult cases before juries in the Massachusetts courts.

Winning Cases Before Trial.

Attorney Serpa is also an expert in Massachusetts pretrial litigation and procedure. He is a deft interpreter of the law and finds creative and original ways to win cases at the pretrial stage of a Massachusetts criminal case, saving clients from the stress and expense of jury trials. He has successfully prevented criminal complaints from moving forward at show-cause hearings, also known as clerk-magistrate’s hearings, in Massachusetts. He has won hundreds of motions to dismiss, motions to suppress and other similar motions in the criminal and civil courts or Massachusetts. His clients have had cases dismissed for defects in the prosecution and police work countless times over twenty years.

Assisting Clients After They are Convicted or Plead Guilty in Massachusetts.

Assisting clients who have already been convicted is also a specialty of Mr. Serpa and Serpa Law Office. Mr. Serpa has argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He is an expert in appellate litigation. He has also argued successful post-trial motions to the trial court, including motions for a new trial, motions to set aside a guilty verdict and motions to withdraw a guilty plea. Mr. Serpa is deeply skilled in post-conviction practice. He is an expert in the law that applies to having convictions overturned because a criminal conviction has led to a client’s deportation or removal from the United States.

Attorney Serpa was educated at Georgetown University‘s prestigious Law Center. He is deeply versed in the intricacies of criminal and trial law, and has a sharp ear for weakness in an accusation or in the credibility of a witness or a piece of scientific evidence. His sharp ear for unreliable evidence and his skill in presenting his clients’ cases has repeatedly left the prosecution’s cases in pieces before juries and judges. Call 617.936.0201 for the best result in your Massachusetts criminal case.

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He's one of the best people I've met. I'm really appreciative of all the help I received. If you have a serious case, he'll work hard to make sure you have the best outcome. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.


Mr. Serpa was very helpful with my family member ‘s case. He was able to get it dismissed quickly and easily. He is very professional and very good at what he does. I’m so glad he hired him. You will be glad too if you hire him.


Serpa law office was my attorney of choice for 2 seperate cases I had last year. With both situations, Joseph not only treated me great, delivered the results I was hoping for, and was extremely professional and genuine. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone in need of legal help.


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