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Boston criminal defense attorney Joe Serpa of Serpa Law Office is a time-proven Boston criminal defense expert committed to your future. Massachusetts domestic violence accusations, DUI / OUI / drunk driving cases, Massachusetts clerk-magistrate’s hearings, fraud or larceny accusations and all other Massachusetts criminal offenses should not derail your future.

Our criminal defense clients come from all professions, whether legal, medical, finance, tech or the trades. Very often, a Massachusetts criminal case imperils our clients’ professional licenses, employment or small and medium businesses. Our criminal defense clients’ hard-earned futures are in the balance. Often a perfect outcome is the only option. Boston’s criminal defense attorney Joe Serpa has secured hundreds if not thousands of dismissals of Massachusetts criminal cases for clients over nearly three decades.

Locations in Boston’s Back Bay and Quincy’s Marina Bay.

Boston criminal lawyer Joe Serpa of Serpa Law Office is among the best-respected criminal lawyers in the Boston area and in Eastern Massachusetts. Mr. Serpa is a Georgetown Law graduate and a criminal defense expert with a track record of dismissals and acquittals in Massachusetts criminal cases that is difficult to match.

Mr. Serpa’s expertise is in Massachusetts criminal law and criminal procedure in the Boston Municipal Court, Massachusetts District Courts and Massachusetts Superior Courts. He has a unique commitment to clients’ futures, families and careers. These attributes make him a persistent and talented advocate. A twenty-five year record of Massachusetts criminal defense victories is the result of that skill and dedication.

A Massachusetts criminal accusation puts your future, your family and your career at stake. A false accusation or mistake should not derail a lifetime of hard work. Mr. Serpa’s focus as a criminal defense lawyer is to regain your future with acquittals, dismissals and the eventual sealing or expungement of your criminal record.

Preserving your future and your career is Mr. Serpa’s focus. If you’ve been accused of a crime in the Massachusetts courts, your criminal case can set your life, your family, your future and your career off track, sometimes permanently. A false accusation or a single mistake should not derail a lifetime of hard work.

For many people, a Massachusetts criminal record is simply not an option. If you are in a profession that will not tolerate a criminal conviction, you need the best Massachusetts criminal lawyer. Mr. Serpa’s time-tested talent and expertise will get you back on track and restore your family and future.

Likewise, if you are facing a jail sentence or a felony conviction, you need the top Massachusetts criminal defense attorney with deep trial experience. Mr. Serpa’s courtroom skills will save your future and keep you at home with your family.

Serpa Law Office is a Massachusetts criminal law firm located in Boston’s Back Bay. We represent clients of all professions all over Eastern Massachusetts. We have restored the futures of fellow lawyers, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, retail workers, laborers, drivers, finance or tech professionals and stay-at-home parents. Our specialty is making sure you make it out of your case with your career, your family and your future intact.

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We are accessible to clients at our Back Bay location just off the Arlington Street Station on the Green Line and in our Quincy Marina Bay office ten minutes south of Boston.

Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Joe Serpa

Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Serpa is among Massachusetts’ most highly respected and accomplished criminal defense attorneys. This is in large part to an extraordinary winning trial record in the criminal courts of Massachusetts. He is a Georgetown Law graduate, cum laude law school awardee and a law review member.

Mr. Serpa’s is an innovative and assertive approach to the law. He has repeatedly and steadily obtained acquittals before Massachusetts juries in cases from drunk driving to first degree murder. Boston criminal lawyer Joe Serpa’s clients have been found not guilty by Massachusetts juries in the district courts and superior courts of nearly every county in Massachusetts, including Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Bristol County, Plymouth County and Essex County.

Criminal Defense and DUI Expertise

Mr. Serpa’s outstanding criminal jury trial record has made him a deeply trusted and respected criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts courts hearing both felony and misdemeanor cases. When you hire Attorney Joe Serpa as your Boston criminal defense attorney, you have equipped yourself with one of the most deeply experienced, battle-proven and dedicated attorneys you can find.

We believe in the fight because we owe it to our clients and because a fair and just criminal justice system only works when there is a real fight by a smart, tough and serious lawyer.

– Joe Serpa

Attorney Serpa was educated at Georgetown University’s prestigious Law Center. He is deeply versed in the intricacies of criminal and trial law. He has a sharp ear for weakness in an accusation or in the credibility of a witness or a piece of scientific evidence. His ear for unreliable evidence and his skill in presenting his clients’ cases has repeatedly left the prosecution’s cases in pieces before juries and judges.

Serpa Law Office serves a wide client base. Mr. Serpa practices in the Federal, Superior, Boston Municipal Courts and District Courts of Massachusetts, and represents clients from:

  • Greater Boston and the South Shore including Quincy, Cambridge, Somerville, Revere, Chelsea, East Boston and Brockton.
  • Metrowest including Framingham and Newton.
  • The North Shore including Woburn, Peabody, Lawrence, Lynn and Salem.
  • Southeastern Massachusetts including Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford.

Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Serpa’s approach to advocacy comes from a deep ethic of work, family and empathy. His accessible and attentive approach to representing his clients makes him an advocate who will be by your side from the beginning of your case until the very end.

Criminal Defense in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts

The circumstances and details surrounding an arrest for a Massachusetts criminal offense vary from case to case. A skillful Boston criminal defense attorney uses their years of experience, knowledge of the law, and working relationships with others in the local criminal justice community to fight for the best outcomes. Criminal Defense Attorney Serpa will find the best outcome available and work to restore your future and maintain your freedom.

Boston DUI/OUI/Drunk Driving

Massachusetts district attorneys use some of the strictest laws in the country when prosecuting DUI (known in Massachusetts as “OUI”) drunk driving cases. Massachusetts’ has a drunk driving legal limit of 0.08% blood alcohol for adults and 0.02% for drivers under 21. An experienced criminal defense attorney is critical to achieving an optimal outcome in Massachusetts drunk diving cases.

Boston criminal lawyer Joe Serpa has for nearly three decades successfully defending these cases. Mr. Serpa’s clients have had Massachusetts DUI cases dismissed after trial court successes in challenging the motor vehicle stop, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, or other evidence.

Massachusetts’ local and state police can often draw incorrect conclusions about your sobriety in a motor vehicle stop. Breathalyzer machines often malfunction. Breathalyzer results are often incorrect. Boston’s Attorney Serpa, a skilled DUI criminal defense lawyer, can make all the difference in protecting your rights and minimizing the consequences. Don’t hesitate to call Boston’s Serpa Law Office if facing an OUI charge in Massachusetts.

Boston Domestic Violence

Common charges for domestic violence include assault and battery on a family or household member, violation of restraining orders, stalking, and harassment.
Massachusetts District Attorney’s offices understandably consider domestic violence charges to be top priority. Victim safety is of course a critical interest.

Still, those accused of Massachusetts domestic violence offenses have important rights. Boston’s Serpa Law Office has found and applied many options for a winning criminal defense. Boston criminal attorney Joe Serpa has challenged the admissibility of evidence, obtained dismissals and won trials with evidence of self-defense and of false accusations. Remember, domestic violence cases are emotionally charged. A talented and thoughtful Massachusetts criminal attorney can provide critical support and guidance throughout the process. If you find yourself facing such charges, call Boston’s Serpa Law Office for smart and sensitive criminal defense.

Boston Drug Crimes

Massachusetts trial courts prosecute drug crimes with varying severity. You can be accused of either possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a Massachusetts controlled substance, distribution of a Massachusetts controlled substance or trafficking in a Massachusetts controlled substance. Drug offenses are heard either by the Massachusetts District or Municipal Courts, or the Massachusetts Superior Courts, depending on the severity of the criminal accusation.

Massachusetts divides illegal drugs into classes of controlled substances. Massachusetts Class A controlled substance are generally heroin or opiates. Class B controlled substances are generally cocaine and other stimulants. Class C controlled substances in Massachusetts are generally depressants and other medications like Xanax. Massachusetts Class D controlled substances are cannabis and other drugs containing THC. Finally, Class E controlled substances in Massachusetts are a “catch-all” that include codeine and other prescription drugs.

Massachusetts penalties for drug crimes can vary quite a bit. Simple possession of a drug in Massachusetts will be punished less severely. Trafficking controlled substances in Massachusetts can lead to mandatory state prison sentences, often for years or decades. Intermediate offenses like possession with intent to distribute, or distribution, can sometimes lead to jail or prison sentences as well.

Boston’s criminal attorney Joe Serpa has successfully achieved dismissals and acquittals over nearly three decades of Massachusetts drug defense representation. Effective criminal defense of drug crimes starts with analyzing the police “search” that led to discovery of the alleged drugs. Your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure protects you from unfair police searches. Illegally searched drugs can be “suppressed” and not used against you in a Massachusetts criminal drug case.

Consequences of drug-related charges, if proven, can have a lasting impact on a person. A seasoned Boston criminal defense attorney will go over in great detail the specifics of a case to determine whether a person’s rights were violated by law enforcement.

Boston Sex Crimes

Massachusetts seriously prosecutes rape, indecent assault and battery, other sexual assault, possession of child pornography and obscene material offenses. Navigating a sex offense charge in Massachusetts is complex and sensitive. Due to the seriousness of these allegations, potential consequences can be life-altering, including imprisonment, sex offender registry placement, and severe social stigma. If facing such accusations, it’s crucial to remember you have rights and legal options.

Massachusetts sex offense defense strategies vary depending on the specific circumstances. Common defenses include challenging the accuser’s credibility, asserting lack of consent was misconstrued, or demonstrating mistaken identity. An experienced attorney can meticulously examine the evidence, identify inconsistencies, and build a strong defense tailored to your case. Remember, the state has the burden of proof, and a skilled lawyer can help you navigate the legal complexities and fight for a just outcome.

Boston Theft Crimes

In Massachusetts, defending against larceny and embezzlement charges hinges on dismantling the prosecution’s case or presenting mitigating factors. Key strategies include:

  1. Challenging the elements: Dispute the prosecution’s evidence on whether the defendant truly possessed entrusted property, intended to permanently deprive the owner, or lacked authorization.
  2. Lack of criminal intent: Demonstrate the absence of fraudulent intent, perhaps attributing the actions to mistake, accident, or negligence.
  3. Consent defense: Prove the owner consented to the property’s use, even if unknowingly, negating the theft element.
  4. Repayment: If applicable, highlight efforts to repay the misappropriated funds, demonstrating remorse and reducing potential harm.
  5. Technical defenses: Explore procedural errors by law enforcement or legal inconsistencies in the charges.

Remember, every case is unique. Consulting an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney is crucial to navigate the complexities of the law and build a strong defense tailored to your specific situation.

Boston Violent Crimes

Massachusetts courts take violent offenses seriously. Crimes with victims of violence are prosecuted aggressively and can be punished with harsh sentences. If you find yourself facing accusations, securing a skilled defense attorney is crucial. Experienced Massachusetts violent crime defense lawyers understand the intricacies of the legal system and can fight tirelessly to protect your rights. They will meticulously investigate the circumstances, gather evidence, and build a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case. Whether exploring self-defense arguments, negotiating plea bargains, or preparing for trial, your attorney will advocate fiercely on your behalf. Remember, even with serious charges, there are always legal options, and a skilled defense lawyer can make all the difference in achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

Boston Gun Crimes

Massachusetts gun laws are some of the strictest in the nation, and convictions often carry mandatory minimum sentences. This means navigating gun crime defense requires an experienced attorney intimately familiar with the nuances of these regulations. A skilled lawyer can explore various defense strategies, such as challenging the legality of the stop that led to the gun’s discovery, arguing for the suppression of improperly obtained evidence, or demonstrating the absence of criminal intent. They can also negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or alternative sentencing options. Remember, gun charges are serious, and seeking legal counsel from a qualified Massachusetts defense attorney is paramount in protecting your rights and navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Boston Motor Vehicle Crimes

Drivers receiving a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for reckless, negligent or unlicensed operation, leaving the accident scene, or operating a vehicle with a suspended license are entitled to a hearing in an attempt to appeal the ticket, but only if they ask for one. A skillful attorney may be able to have a case dismissed before it gets to court. Some motor vehicle crimes result in an arrest. A driver is under no obligation to answer an officer’s questions during or after a motor vehicle stop.

Boston Clerk-Magistrate Hearings

In Massachusetts, clerk magistrate hearings, also known as “show-cause” hearings, offer an alternative path for criminal charges to begin. These hearings often handle misdemeanor offenses where an arrest wasn’t made, typically when the police lacked firsthand witness of the crime. Instead of arrest, the police or even a private citizen can file a complaint with the court. A clerk magistrate then reviews the allegations and determines if “probable cause” exists to issue charges. These hearings are informal, often held in private court offices, and offer the accused the opportunity to present their side before charges are officially filed. Clerk magistrate hearings can be crucial moments in a potential criminal case, allowing for defense against accusations and potentially preventing the creation of a criminal record.

Boston Sealing and Expungement

Sealing and expungement in Massachusetts offer individuals with past criminal records a chance to move forward with a clean slate. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they hold distinct differences.

Sealing makes a criminal record hidden from public view, but it still exists and can be accessed by certain entities, such as law enforcement and government agencies. Expungement, on the other hand, completely destroys the record, erasing it as if it never existed.

Eligibility for sealing and expungement depends on the type of offense, the outcome of the case, and the time that has passed since the conviction. Generally, misdemeanors can be sealed after three years, while felonies require seven years. However, there are exceptions and specific criteria to meet for each offense.

The process for sealing or expungement involves filing a petition with the court and attending a hearing. Legal assistance is highly recommended, as the procedures can be complex and navigating the legal system can be challenging.

Sealing and expungement can offer significant benefits, such as increased employment opportunities, improved housing options, and easier access to education and professional licenses. By providing a path to a fresh start, these processes can help individuals reintegrate into society and lead more productive lives.

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Boston criminal lawyer Joe Serepa and Serpa Law Office represent clients in the Federal, Superior, Boston Municipal Court and District Courts of Massachusetts.

Our Back Bay location is located just off the Arlington Street Station on the Green Line and our Quincy Marina Bay office is ten minutes south of Boston.

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Mr. Serpa was very helpful with my family member ‘s case. He was able to get it dismissed quickly and easily. He is very professional and very good at what he does. I’m so glad he hired him. You will be glad too if you hire him.


Serpa law office was my attorney of choice for 2 seperate cases I had last year. With both situations, Joseph not only treated me great, delivered the results I was hoping for, and was extremely professional and genuine. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone in need of legal help.

Not Guilty

First-degree murder, Plymouth County Superior Court: Not guilty all counts (Comm. v. MR).

Not Guilty

Domestic Assault and Battery, Intimidation of a Witness, Carrying a Firearm, Malicious Destruction of Property, Middlesex County Superior Court: Not guilty all counts (Comm. v. MM)

Not Guilty

Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (Attempted Murder with a Knife), Suffolk Superior Court: Not guilty of felony indictments (Comm. v. JB)

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