COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients

WE ARE OPEN and available to help you with your Massachusetts criminal case or answer your questions about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Massachusetts Criminal Courts Update

The pandemic is a challenge to all of us in most aspects of life. Serpa Law Office works hard to make a criminal case as stress-free as possible for our clients, particularly during this crisis.

Massachusetts criminal courts continue to evolve as COVID-19 develops and changes. Currently, there are two important notes.

  1. General Court Appearances. Courts are open to personal appearances, but seem to prefer remote hearings where possible. Your attorney can arrange to have your Massachusetts criminal case heard by phone or Zoom conference, depending on the court.
    This has made things safer and more convenient for Serpa Law Office’s clients, including working clients and parents.
  2. Massachusetts Criminal Trials. Massachusetts criminal jury trials are now being heard in small numbers. There is a massive backlog of cases. As always, defendants in custody awaiting trial and older cases will have priority.

The Positive in a Sea of Worry.

COVID-19 delays create an opportunity to resolve cases favorably in ways other than trial. COVID-19 has caused us all to re-examine our lives, and criminal justice is no exception. Talk to your Massachusetts criminal lawyer about criminal case dismissals, pretrial probation or CWOF’s in cases where it would have been impossible before. As time passes, those outcomes will become more likely.

Upon dismissal of any of these cases, you will have no record of a Massachusetts criminal conviction. The Massachusetts record of your dismissal can be sealed.

Please we are your masks, wash your hands, distance and take care of your health.

Remember to watch out for our most vulnerable, older friends, family and strangers. They depend on you to be smart and careful.

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He's one of the best people I've met. I'm really appreciative of all the help I received. If you have a serious case, he'll work hard to make sure you have the best outcome. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.


Mr. Serpa was very helpful with my family member ‘s case. He was able to get it dismissed quickly and easily. He is very professional and very good at what he does. I’m so glad he hired him. You will be glad too if you hire him.


Serpa law office was my attorney of choice for 2 seperate cases I had last year. With both situations, Joseph not only treated me great, delivered the results I was hoping for, and was extremely professional and genuine. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone in need of legal help.


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